Skyforge – New Horizons Available Now

Explore the exotic world of Terra in our latest update, “New Horizons”! Unfold the mysteries of the planet and protect Aelion from the threat of a new enemy!

Following the events of the previous expansion, ‘Distant Frequencies’, Skyforge takes its players on a reconnaissance mission to an entirely new planet called Terra. This vast new world, full of ruined, overgrown cities, lush jungles and lifeless wastelands, will provide new game mechanics, dangerous wildlife to endure and even a new race to discover. Players will have to eliminate all current threats and collect as much information as possible when their ships land.

New Horizons begins as scouting drones have intercepted messages in an unknown language, and later its cameras captured strange-looking ships foreshadowing new enemies with advanced technology. Preliminary measurements further indicated that air pollution levels in certain parts of the planet exceed safe limits many times over, indicating advanced warfare taking place on the planet. Who are these life forms and what caused this warfare remains unknown, but players daring to face this new world will have to investigate this mystery as they engage in Skyforge’s most robust and deadliest expansion to date.

As players first arrive upon on this exotic planet and exciting new milestone for Skyforge’s history, they will quickly discover that the development of the world depends entirely on their actions. First, they must study the new planet, unveil its mysteries, reinforce the base, and launch programs to change the world around them. Programs are a new game mechanics that allows players to manage the development of Terra. By upgrading programs, the people back on the home planet can further research the area and change its appearance. They will unlock new story chapters for everyone as well as secret and special missions, perilous adventures, and of course, rewards fit for a dangerous mission such as this.