Sony Announces Updated Playstation VR Headset

In recognition of the one-year anniversary of the Playstation VR, Sony announced an updated design for the headset, easing the current difficulty of watching HDR content on Playstation 4. The new edition of the headset will come with an enhanced processing unit that allows for HDR passthrough. Currently, users have to disconnect PSVR to watch HDR content through PS4.

The new headset also integrates a headphone jack into the back of the unit. This should allow for an easier audio experience. The wire connecting the headset to the processing unit is also thinner.

The new version of the headset will launch in a bundle in Japan on October 14. Sony of America says that the new bundle is hitting our shores soon, and the price will remain the same, $399. The new processing unit unfortunately won’t be compatible with current headsets, owing to the different cables.