Sony Bundles Required Playstation Camera With Playstation VR, Effectively Lowering the Price to Play

On September 1st, Sony will be lowering the barrier to entry into their VR ecosystem. The Playstation VR system will now be bundled with the required Playstation Camera and sold for $399 in the U.S. The camera, which is required for all PSVR games, previously was sold on its own for $59.99. Since the Playstation VR unit alone was previously $399, this effectively serves as a price drop of $60.

The premium PSVR bundle, including the camera, two Playstation Move controllers, and a copy of Playstation VR Worlds, is dropping in price, as well, from $499 to $449.

This comes at a time when others in the VR space are also lowering their prices. Oculus has been selling its Rift hardware on sale for $399 for several weeks now, and the HTC Vive has also dropped its price by $200 (though it is still the most expensive headset by far, at $599).

We don’t know much about sales numbers for the systems, other than the fact that Sony has moved more than a million PSVR headsets, so it’s difficult to say if these price drops are the result of lagging sales or simply due to component prices decreasing, or some other reason entirely. Regardless, if you’ve been thinking about jumping onto the VR bandwagon, now’s the best time yet. With lower prices and some great games coming soon, VR’s future seems brighter than ever.