Sony Music Label ‘Unties’ to Publish Games on Switch, PC

Never let it be said Sony doesn’t play nice with its competitors (unless the topic of cross-system play comes up…). Sony Music Entertainment announced a new game publishing label, called ‘Unties,’ which will focus its efforts on smaller-scale games for multiple platforms, including Switch and PC.

The first game to bear the Unties brand will release on November 21. It’s called Tiny Metal, a tactical strategy game in the vein of Advance Wars. It’s coming to PC, PS4, and Switch.

Some other games arriving soon are Merkava Avalanche, a robo-fighter, Deemo Reborn, a rhythm action game, and 3D action game Last Standard.

Only Tiny Metal is confirmed as a Switch title so far, but Merkava Avalanche and Last Standard have ‘TBA’ listed under platforms, so there’s a chance the game could reach the platform, and maybe even the Xbox One.

While it’s strange to consider a Sony-published game on Switch, considering Sony’s stingy attitude toward its competitors, this seems, potentially, like a good thing. More games in more places equals more consumer choice. And since these games lack the PlayStation label, most people won’t even think twice about why they’re showing up on non-Sony platforms.