Spiralagon Gets New Icy Incursion zone

Spiralagon is a single-player 3D platformer, where players tackle spiraling paths in dangerous environments, cutting corners and taking risks to set high scores or fast times, or both. Choose from a range of characters with different traits to maximise speed or score, or select No Pressure mode for a more relaxing experience without worrying about time or health. Speed Boosts, Jump Boosts, and Teleporting can be activated with fuel pickups for rapid scoring and last-moment sprints to the finish gate. First-person, third-person, and side-scrolling views are available, as well as configurable text popups and announcers to keep players overwhelmed with information. Leaderboards at the end of each level let players track their progress in single level play, zone play, and in the full campaign.

Players will have to decide when they should keep scoring and when they should start making their escape. Allow time for mistakes? Is a teleport set for emergencies? Will a speed boost make a faster time or a mistake? Is it too risky to skip entire sections of the path, or is it too late for any other choice? Players are tempted with more, enabled with now, and pressured by failure. Spiral out of control with speed and greed in Spiralagon.

Spiralagon is the first game from solo indie dev studio, Terminal Button available now as a standalone game on Windows PC.