Square Enix Announces Super-Cutesy ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Title for Mobile

There’s been a lot of Final Fantasy XV news this week — pretty impressive for a game approaching its first birthday. The new info out of Gamescom is that Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy XV not just to PCs, but to mobile as well, with Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

The game is a retelling of the Final Fantasy XV story, broken up into ten playable chapters and all released at once. The first chapter will be free of charge.

What’s most striking about the announcement is the game’s art style. Taking the original game’s realistic graphics and turning them into hyper-cute cartoon characters is jarring at first, but it’s easy to imagine the look growing on players.

In order to adapt the game for mobile phones, the control scheme is being overhauled to be more casual and touch-friendly.

The game launches this fall on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile devices. Another Final Fantasy XV spinoff, Monsters of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, is coming exclusively to Playstation VR on November 21.