Super Blood Hockey Slams into Consoles

Digerati Distribution and developer Loren Lemcke are teaming up to bring the pixelated blood smash violence of Super Blood Hockey to Consoles. The game is going to be released on Nintendo Switch TM on a still-to-be-confirmed date in April, while PS4 and Xbox will follow sometime in Q2 2019. The game has already been available on Steam receiving a grand 9/10 user rating. The violent 8- and 16-bit ice hockey game was a homage to all arcade sports games. The passion behind it can be seen within every pixel moving across the screen and smash into other players. Even the music will bring your back to those times with the original soundtrack by chiptunist Shawn Daley.

“Super Blood Hockey is a love letter to the 8-bit and 16-bit ice hockey video games of my childhood, back when high action gameplay reigned supreme,” explains the game’s creator, Loren Lemcke. “Players can expect a modern reinterpretation of the classic arcade sports experience with the blood and violence dialed up to eleven.”

The console versions will include an all-new Franchise Mode putting players into the shoes of a corrupt coach showing off all the shading things that are happening in the background. Some of the things they will be doing is recruiting players from prison, utilize performance-enhancing drugs, pull the plug on injured teammates, and using underhanded tactics to make sure that they win. The squad will the most unstoppable team with the focus on the right diet and performance-enhancing drugs to be the season champions! The honorable way is long dead in this game, and what truly matters is being the all-powerful champions. Never let them try and take that spot away from the squad you create.

Players will be able to customize their line-up every which way to take the ice. With their team, they will be able to use fast-paced skills and bone-crunching brutality to dominate the ice. The goal is to win and how it is done doesn’t matter long as the opponents can’t stop the team from reaching first. You want to make sure that you get your opponents blood that ice and unable to get up to stop you from dominating the game.

Show off your hockey strategy skills on a deadly global tournament or destroy your friends in a 4-player local multiplayer mode. Have some fun with seeing some of your friends’ characters being painted on the ice with their blood. Make sure that you don’t lose in the global tournament or at least put up your second favorite team member up to it as failure results in execution. The game has varying challenges and scenarios for players to work through including Turbo Mode and 12 vs 12 Mega Rumble. Have some fun and let out some inner rage crushing all enemies in your way.