Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Is Syncing Up To Your Devices

All Sword Art Online fans better keep an eye on Steam as the leading anime-based video game publisher and developer Bandai Namco announced Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris is now coming to America through Steam. It won’t just be on PC Steam, but it will work with PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, and Xbox One through Steam. No date has been set yet, but make sure to keep an ear out as they hope to release it soon.

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris is based off the anime series where players get to fight, talk and survive in a virtual reality. The video game will be set in the anime series’ Alicization arc. If you know the arc already then you up for a treat to revisit all those amazing moments from the series again, with you controlling the protagonist’s, Kirito, movements. So if it has been a while since you last seen the series better catch up now if you want to play the game. Don’t feel like starting where you left off is okay too because you can try jumping right in with the game letting it ignite your excitement for the next event that happens in the series.

“For the first time in a Sword Art Online video game, players will be able to faithfully follow the events of the anime series,” said Jennifer Tsang, Brand Marketing Manager at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. “We look forward to players and fans experiencing the Alicization story arc as Kirito, uncovering the mysteries of Underworld, and making new friends along the way.”

This certainly seems like the case for Sword Art Online Aliciztion Lycoris, as players will be taken to a mysterious but familiar virtual world called the “Underworld”. They will come to face with A.I.s that behave like humans along with fan-favorite characters like Eugeo, Alice, Administrator, and many more. Not only fan-favorite characters will be around as the player can actually play scenes that they had seen in the arc. Being able to experience the moments they enjoyed watching. Just make sure you don’t get caught up in watching those stunning visuals as you will have to fight your way through with some epic battles. Don’t try to rush through the whole game, take your time and walk around the expansive world and explore every nook and cranny of your favorite places.

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