The Boys Are Back: Final Fantasy XV to Allow Character Swapping in December

In a surprise move, Square Enix announced it will release an update in December that will allow players to control any of the four main characters in their hit game, Final Fantasy XV. Swapping will be available on the fly via on overlay menu, and each character will control the way they do in their respective DLC expansions.

Final Fantasy XV is the game that keeps on giving, even now, a year after its release. It mirrors, in some sort of upside-down way, the game’s long and tortured development, years of nothing but the occasional tease at game trade shows. Now we’re drowning in FFXV content. With the recent multiplayer expansion, Comrades, and the VR fishing spinoff, Monster of the Deep, Square Enix seems committed to keeping the game’s world alive.

The character-swapping update will come shortly before 2017’s final piece of FFXV DLC, Episode Ignis. However, the company plans to keep releasing updates into 2018, though the details on those plans are still slim.

All in all, though, Final Fantasy XV has somehow managed to live up to more than a decade of hype and expectations. That’s a rare feat in this AAA-focused world we live in.