The Crossover You Never Saw Coming: Bridge Constructor Portal Releasing This Month

Get ready for more GLaDOS. Valve’s Portal universe is returning this month with the surprise announcement of Bridge Constructor Portal for Windows PC and mobile, with console releases coming in early 2018.

The Bridge Constructor series by Headup Games has been around for a few years, and it involves — you guessed it — constructing bridges to allow vehicles to move from one end of the level to the other. A big part of the game is watching the carnage unfurl as poorly constructed bridges give out. A sobering idea in real life, but in a kooky video game, it’s all part of the fun.

With this new game, players will be given the Portal gun and access to other items from Portals 1 and 2. You’ll come up with crazy and creative ways of solving each level.

We haven’t had a new Portal game since 2011, so this announcement is great news. It may not be the full sequel everyone has been clamoring for, but it looks like it has the potential to be a super fun stop-gap in the meantime.