The Finale of the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge Has Arrived

Wrestle fans for both real-life and video games will be in for a treat as 2K has announced WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge will be taking place during WrestleMania Week. This will be the capstone event for WWE 2K19 as the four finalist from around the world will be face to face in the virtual arena. The matches will be one-on-one matches in the video game shorting for the goal to get the 1 million dollars. Not only is the 1 million dollars on the line but a chance to challenge the WWE 2K19 cover Superstar AJ Styles. The players have been supported by WWE Superstar coaches like Kofi Kingston and Big E of The New Day; Page; Ember Moon and the Miz. The match is going to keep everyone on their toes with every knockout and quick recover these players will have their character do.

It certainly was a grand event to see WWE fans come around the world in October 2018 to be WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge winner. The completion in the in-game WWE 2K19million Dollar Tower and submitted promotional videos on the potential to defeat AJ Styles in a one-on-one match has left us with our four competitors. Gregory Davis from Jacksonville, Fla.; Stephan T. Benson from Philadelphia, Pa.; David Hoey from Sydney, Australia, and Roman Droßard from Pfalzfeld, Germany was selected from all the global entries to compete as the finalists in WrestleMania. More information on the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge and see what the finalists are going to do with that money here:

“Embracing ‘Never Say Never’ – the campaign theme for WWE 2K19– is exactly what these finalists have accomplished in the virtual ring,” said AJ Styles. “My journey as the game’s cover Superstar has been absolutely incredible, and it’s all now leading to an epic showdown at Barclays Center, with the WWE Universe able to watch all the action in a variety of ways. The WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge finale will be nothing short of phenomenal.”

The WWE Universe certainly has many ways to watch these heated battles for the semifinals and the finale. WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge activities will be hosted throughout the day on April 5, including the Semifinals and Finale. If you want to watch this glorious battle from the beginning with the Semifinals, then get to WrestleMania Axxess around 1 p.m. EDT. It will also be showing competition highlights on UpUpDownDownTM, WWE Superstar Xavier Woods preeminent gaming YouTube Channel, as well as WWE 2K on Facebook and Twitter.

For the Grand one-on-one match Finale, it will take place during the NXT TakeOver Pre-Show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY around 6:30 p.m. EDT. Don’t worry on trying to break your neck to get to Brooklyn as they will also be streaming the event on FOX Sports digital platforms like, FOX Sports App, Caffeine TV, and their twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts. WWE will be showing the crushing events on their network and YouTube channel. Still having some trouble finding a place to watch online? Try WWE 2K on Facebook and Twitter or watch it on on-demand There are many options to watch them break other characters backs and smashing them with up with chairs.

“As WrestleMania approaches, we can’t wait to watch our four finalists compete – with the help of their WWE coaches – for incredible bragging rights and a potential match against AJ Styles on a massive worldwide stage,” said Chris Snyder, Vice President of Marketing for 2K. “The WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge is sure to deliver an authentic and action-packed experience; get ready for the ultimate showdown in person or through our offerings with Fox Sports, NBCUniversal, WWE, and 2K-owned channels!”