The Revelry the Spring of Destiny 2

Prepare your allies and form plans as Destiny 2 is having a little event this year to celebrate the arrival of spring, called The Revelry. The event will go begins on April 16th and end on May 6th. Come to the Tower to receive events and task to tackle while the challenges are still here. Though this event isn’t just an isolated area in the game, the celebration of spring will reign across the solar system. Each area offering to make your guardian feel more powerful in the activities that you decide to participate in.

Verdant Forest waits with all types of challenges to throw at guardians. Clear all the rooms that you can, for it will help free some time up to destroy 5 different bosses that block you from your reward. If you believe you are a strong guardian you can do this on your own, but why not share the fun of spring with everyone that is around you. It would bring in great cheer to defeat bosses with new, longtime friends, or just a bunch of random guardians that you can be paired up with. There is more to just having Verdant Forest as Revelry will have new quest and bounties throughout the event for each day. Come talk to Eva Levante to accept the new quest.

Of course, there is going to be rewarded for all your hard work. There has to be some treasure after defeating these creatures that are trying to ruin a celebration. New armor will be rewarded along with special weapons, higher chance with world drops, and items. One item you get when speaking with Eva is a Reveler’s Tonic. This tonic is very helpful for cooling down your grenades, melee, or class abilities faster. To gain one of these three tonics you need to get Reveler’s Essence by killing the bosses in Verdant Forest or finishing activities.

There is a new weapon you go get after Completing Triumphs and turning in Reveler’s Essence to Eva called, Arbalest. It is an Exotic Kinetic Fusion Rifle, the first of its kind doing extra damage to enemies that were smart enough to bring shields.
For more information about the event check their website

Gear up Guardian, it is time to have some fun.