The Time to Show your Power in Conan Unconquered Approaches

The sunrise approaches closer, make sure to steady your blade and have a strong base for the enemy approaches in Conan Unconquered. Conan Unconquered is now less than 50 days away from launching on PC platform. The Command& Conquer veterans at Petroglyph and published by Funcom go in-depth on the real-time survival gameplay in Conan Unconquered. Funcom and Petroglyph are releasing a brand-new video that goes in-depth on the gameplay in Conan Unconquered with key developers.

Watching the video you will see some of the challenges that you will face to protect the land that is rightfully yours to command and learn from. There isn’t much time for rest when you play Conan Unconquered as it is a fast-paced strategy game where waves upon waves will keep trying to invade, increasing in numbers and difficulty. You never know what beast will come clawing at your doors. The only way to survive these pests is to build an unconquerable stronghold by putting up sturdy walls and defensive measures across the premotor to yourself from being conquered. Heroes will be given to help you stand for each fight but you must help them stay strong to do this duty. It isn’t just staying and watching a base, for nothing is infinite and must be restored in forts or walls to be built. The land must be explored for material and artifacts. It is possible to play it in single-player, it also allows to have a second player join you in on making a shared stronghold. Split the work and search around while defending the fort, or stay close together in the fort or exploring together to get what you need to be done faster.

Get the battle ax and a map of your dream fort as Conan Unconquered will be released on May 30th. To pre-order or learn more information on what the game is check their website