Up Close and Personal With Your Favorite Cat-Bird-Dog: The Last Guardian VR Experience Launches December 12

At this year’s PlayStation Experience, Sony announced a standalone VR experience based on The Last Guardian. It’s launching tomorrow, December 12, and it will be free for all PlayStation VR owners.

The original game, The Last Guardian, launched a year ago after a development cycle that lasted for years, leading many to believe the game had been cancelled. It released to generally positive reviews. Fans quickly fell in love with Trico, the giant animal you befriend and the vehicle by which you solve many of the game’s puzzles.

In Last Guardian VR, you’ll need to get ready for Trico to tower over you, larger than life. It’s not known exactly how the experience will play out, though we don’t have long to wait to see for ourselves.

The VR experience is a separate entity and will not require the main game to play. It seems to be simply a nice bonus from the team at Sony, maybe a way of saying thank you to the fans who waited patiently for nearly a decade while the game languished in development hell.