VIZ Media Releases ‘The World Next Door’ Video Game Details

Some BIG news from VIZ Media today as the multimedia entertainment company announces the release of their first-ever video game!

Combining the emotional storytelling and thrilling action of anime and indie gaming, The World Next Door delivers a rich narrative and fast-paced, real-time puzzle battles in a universe where portals connect two planes – the human realm of Earth and the magical world of Emrys. Players must activate runes to cast colorful spells and defeat mysterious enemies known as Grievances and help Jun uncover the secrets to opening a portal back to Earth before time runs out. Charming branching dialogue offers players the freedom to choose among various responses to impact the game’s course and outcome.

The World Next Door’s anime-inspired story is accented with visually striking graphics and an exciting gameplay that changes based on the decisions you make each play through,” says Eric Eberhardt, Director, VIZ Media Business Development. “Created in close collaboration with the Rose City Games team, the game has an expansive environment and a host of intriguing and relatable characters. We invite players everywhere to discover the secrets of The World Next Door next month.”


  • Supernatural (“other kin” theme) story-driven game
  • Fast-paced real-time puzzle battles; activate runes to cast spells and defeat
    opponents to advance the story
  • Branching dialogue and reputation systems that affect your relationships with
    characters in the game. Relatable main character, due to freedom to choose
    dialogue responses
  • Visually striking & intricate art style with and hand-drawn appeal by Lord Gris
  • Casual game mechanics (match-3)

The World Next Door is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC/MAC on March 28th.