Want the Best Experience? Pay Up: The HTC Vive Pro Is Launching for $799

When the HTC Vive launched, it was already the most expensive VR headset on the market. It was $200 more than competitor Oculus’s Rift headset, and $400 more than the soon-to-launch PlayStation VR. What Vive offered, and what VR enthusiasts were signing up for, was the Rolls-Royce of virtual reality. By including motion controllers and pushing for the highest resolution possible, HTC wanted you to know you were getting what you paid for with the Vive.

The company looks set to do it again with the upcoming HTC Vive Pro. Launching April 5, with preorders available now, the Vive Pro sports a higher resolution (2880 x 1600), two microphones, built-in headphones, and more.

If you make your order before June 5, you’ll get a six-month free trial of Viveport, which lets you pick from up to five free titles a month out of a possible 400. Until now, Viveport has been $6.99 per month, but those rates are set to increase a bit starting March 22.

There really are a wealth of choices and a range of products for people who are into VR, from the hardcore enthusiasts to the casual gamer. The price points exist to match your particular level of excitement at the technology. So while you may not be up for dropping eight hundred big ones on a new VR headset right now, you’ve got a lot of other options: including the original Vive, which will start selling for $100 cheaper than it was before, now at $499.