We Happy Few Has Some Joy to Share

The smiles are back with an update keeping all of their promises. We Happy Few 1.7 has updated adding in a new Arcade Mode. The Arcade mode is a free game update that has three new modes called Survival, Night’s Watch, and Sandbox. During the Kickstarter campaign for We Happy Few in 2015, the development team made a promise to build additional modes for the game. Now they are grinning from ear to ear as the Arcade Mode has been released on March 25th.


If you were ever curious about how you would do if you had to live in that world’s situation, then give Survival Mode a try. It was showing in Early Access and designed for those who enjoy trying to survive with their own ability. To keep the character alive you’ll need to hunt for food, water, and create/search for shelter. It will test out your ability to sneak around, craft tools for problems that appear, and focus your combat skills to live as long as you can in Wellington Wells.


Night’s Watch

Tired of those Downers ruining your town? You don’t need to stay on the sidelines anymore and confront them as a constable. But you are no normal constable, you are the most notorious Bobby, Constable Constable. Now that you are in charge of this grand town, it is up to you to make sure those pesky Downers stay out. Only joyous people are allowed and you can make sure of that through fast-paced combat. Make sure you don’t run out of Joy and become a disgusting Downer. Keep your home as a smiley happy place.



The Sandbox was made for people who want to just relax from all the joy they have experienced. It is a non-narrative/non-goal based kind of game. It runs at the player’s pace to experiment and explore the world generation systems and gameplay options. There is no skill based mode that the player has to worry about. It is an open space for anyone to create their own version of Wellington Wells.


They are almost done with all of their Kickstarter requirements and are ready to go to creating DLC. They have also cleaned up a bit of tweak to the game that will allow them to deliver the Season Pass DLC. Keep your eyes wide open to find that joyous information.