Brooklyn-based alt-rocker Moon Walker shares his latest provocative single “The Stolen City” where he examines the forgotten, hidden past of the modern American city, along with its accompanying visualizer. The sophomore album from Moon Walker, The Attack Of Mirrors, is due out October 21 and available for pre-order now, including a limited run on vinyl available for pre-order.

Moon Walker’s unabashed observations of the flaws and failures of American society permeate the artist’s work, and the latest single, “The Stolen City” is no exception. Written while watching the Lena Waithe-produced television show Them, Moon Walker was instantly struck by the way modern American cities are quick to stamp out their true, often dark, history and culture in place of a more polished, idyllic facade. Moon Walker explains the show, “made me think a lot about how, even to this day, geographical locations are stolen or gentrified and the history, culture, people, etc. that they were stolen from are often forgotten.”

“Despite not believing in ghosts,” Moon Walker continues, “the concept that places are haunted by their history makes a lot of sense to me. It’s terrifying to think about all of the horrific history (some remembered, some forgotten) that haunts every American city.”

Over shredding guitar riffs, distorted vocals and a haunting backing instrumental, Moon Walker commands attention with the track’s unrelenting lyrics, “We’ll let the dead do all the wishing / So we can start a brand new system / We’ll forge their headstones on our floor / And stomp until our feet are sore.” Equipped with a true fearlessness and a deep desire to confront harsh realities embedded in society, each of the musician’s spirited releases continue to elevate his sound and cement his message.