Disney+ Shares Choreography Featurette for “Us Again”

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“Dance is the language that these characters are going to be speaking.” Learn more about how choreographers Keone and Mari Madrid brought their unique style of movement to Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Us Again.

As the people of New York City dance to the beat of the music, the elderly Art stays in his apartment and grumpily watches TV. His wife, Dot, enters and tries to have him get out and enjoy the day. He refuses, leaving her heartbroken. Art soon regrets this decision and looks upon a photo of himself and Dot when they were young and full of life. He steps out on the fire escape of his home when it suddenly begins to rain. The rain makes him younger and rejuvenates him and sets out into the city to look for Dot.

Art and Dot encounter each other, with the latter also having become young through the rain, at a water fountain and begin to dance vibrantly through the streets. When the rain clouds begin to move, the dryness reverts them to old age. Art begins dragging Dot through the city in an attempt to remain young with her. They flee to Paradise Pier with Dot willingly falling behind while Art continues to chase the rain clouds. Eventually, the clouds leave completely and Art reverts back to an old man along with Dot.