Action Adventure “41 Hours” Available on Steam

Time travel. Love story. Action and Comics

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41 Hours is a first person shooter where you experience the fight with the tides of time, in the struggle of finding the loved one.

  • Multiverse Theory
  • Portals
  • Puzzles
  • Robots and alien-manipulated zombies.
  • Super-human abilities
  • Time manipulation
  • Realistic guns

The main character, Ethan Moore, a scientist who studied the blackhole formations and space-time continuum distortions in order to achieve time travel. He has the conviction that with every decision we make, with every event in this Universe, there is an infinity of possibilities which develop all in parallel. We navigate our lives on a single thread but wormholes could enable travel amongst the different threads.
He has a terrible work-life balance, at the expense of his family life. His wife, Clara, was living almost alone during the absence of her husband, who was spending most of his time in the laboratory amongst other scientists. One day, when they were supposed to be celebrating their wedding anniversary, Clara calls Ethan to remind him about the event, and the fact that she’s cooking something special for the dinner at 20:00. Business as usual for our main character, he forgets all about the dinner being immersed into an experiment.

When he remembers about it it’s already past 1AM, his phone, discharged, has tens of missed phone calls. Ethan rushes home, thinking how could Clara ever forgive him. In the meantime, Clara cried herself asleep while the cooking stove was on, setting the house on fire…

Ethan cannot believe how events unravel under his eyes, and he reaches home just to find policemen, firmen and ambulances everywhere, letting him know that there were no survivorsC.

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