Discover An Ancient World of Relics & Resources in Core Keeper

A new mining sandbox adventure coming to Steam Early Access later this year.

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Drawn towards a mysterious relic, you are an explorer who awakens in an ancient cavern of creatures, resources and trinkets. Mine relics and resources to build your base, craft new equipment, survive, and power up the Core. Defeat giant monsters, discover hidden secrets, farm crops, cook new recipes and explore a procedurally generated underground world in a mining sandbox adventure for 1-8 players.

“We have had the concept of Core Keeper in the back of our minds for a long time now and are excited to finally reveal the game today,” said Sven Thole, CEO & Animator at Pugstorm. “We’ve had a lot of fun playtesting the game within the development team and are looking forward to welcoming the community into the world of Core Keeper in the future.”

Features:▪ Mine resources – Explore a vast underground cave of endless resources. Mine resources, discover hidden crystals, fossils & trinkets and survive a procedurally generated underground world.

▪ Power up the Core – Build workbenches and generators to craft new equipment and technology, create your base, and power up your Core.

▪ Craft items & equipment – Customise your explorer and craft new items, armour and equipment to venture further into the cave.

▪ Grow crops – Plant seeds and nurture crops to grow food, or combine ingredients in the cooking pot to discover tasty new recipes with powerful buffs.

▪ Discover an ancient world – Explore living biomes and fight cavernous creatures in a simulated underground ecosystem.

▪ 1-8 player sandbox – Work together to fight, farm, craft and survive in a 1-8 player adventure.