Flick Solitaire x Saturday Am – More Than Cards & Comics

Hooking up with manga brand Saturday AM for its latest deck on iOS and Android.

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Flick Solitaire announces cool colossal collaboration with Saturday AM, the world’s most diverse manga inspired brand behind the revolutionary original comic anthology. The Saturday AM Deck out today is ready to crush-it for card collectors and manga lovers alike as it deals the hottest characters from the popular creator owned series plus a super special advance peek at previously unannounced characters.

The Saturday AM Deck is the first ever Flick deck to feature 52 different kick-ass characters on every card shouting a strong statement that there is no room for cartoon stereotypes in solitaire or at Saturday AM. From a mischievious bi-sexual heorine to a bi-racial kickboxer, and even an ambitious construction brick,  this deck is packed with panache. Saturday AM fans will recognise some spearheading heroes from the popular Saturday AM comic series titles Clock Striker, Hammer, Underground, and Grimmheim that tell the tales of true unsung heroes and inspiring plots.

A melting pot of popular artistic talent from the US, Canada, Hungary, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, France and further worked together to build Flick Solitaire’s 20th deck. The Ace of Clubs was created by superstar Nigerian YouTuber, Whyt Manga, who is the story and art creator behind Saturday AM’s most popular series, Apple Black.  The King of Spades is a Sentai style design by a British artist based on the popular series Henshin! and features character Blaze, a gay superhero. The Queen of Hearts is by the team’s popular French artist Issaka Galadima behind the Saturday AM signature series Clock Striker series which showcases shonen manga’s first black female lead.  The two of clubs by New Zealand artist Oscar Fong showcases Nil and Vyper Neo from the Massively Multiplayer World Of Ghosts (MMWOG) series and shonen manga’s first indian lead hero.

The artists were given a simple brief by Saturday AM founder, Frederick Jones to create a bust style character illustration with maximum personality.

‘Our folks have been rather ecstatic about this project! It’s the dream of every artist to not just create a cool manga character but to see that character represented in other media such as anime and videogames. We believe that the quality of this game is a real reward to both our creators AND our long-time fans.’Frederick Jones, Saturday AM

Since last June Flick has released 20 exclusive decks that won’t be found in your standard solitaire from majestic Indian Kings & Queens to inspirational black historical characters and fierce sparkling real life drag artists.  With over 20 million games played Flick Solitaire continues to make bold moves to give fans beloved classic card games packed with art from all over the world! Recently featured as Apple’s developer story this really is the card game that suits everyone.

Creating comic books is tough, along with success in the art industry. Launched in 2013, the Saturday AM brand consists of talented illustrators from all over the world and seeks to diversify manga for everyone. With well over 125 digital issues published, the success of Saturday AM shows that comics can not only be a positive platform to tell engaging stories but giving more voices a chance to be heard helps to grow the industry for everyone.  Predominantly popular in Japan, manga and anime fans have exploded across Europe and in the US.  It is clear that as the readership broadens the representation of comic characters needs to also.  Saturday AM achieves this with passion and a particular tenderness when working with young artists whose work has often just been seen for the first time. Collaborating with Flick Solitaire who continues to build a game community around diversity and art was destined to be a good move.

‘We are so happy to work with Fred and the Saturday AM artists – it just FLICKIN’ feels so right.  We both want to support the next generation of artists and talent – no matter their background or where in the world. We both want to use our platforms as a catapult for these young artists to be seen.  The Saturday AM team worked so hard with us to make this deck a real example of our combined passions. We really hope the fans love this one!’Ian Masters, Flick Solitaire

Each month Flick Solitaire releases a new deck which is featured in-game forever.  New players can choose any of the stunning decks to start with PLUS watch out for the “Thank Flick It’s Friday” feature each week where players can win double coins across all games.

Players are in for much more art over the coming months with new decks coming from new global artists.  Until then, get FLICKING on iOS and Android and lock in the Saturday AM Deck today!