Wartime Action Thriller “The Rebels of PT-218” Starring Eric Roberts, William Baldwin, Geoff Meed, and Danny Trejo Premieres July 16

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Based on a true story, The Rebels of PT-218, a film by Nick Lyon (D-Day: Battle of Omaha Beach), follows the intrepid crew of an American torpedo boat, one of the first to encounter action in the Mediterranean Theater at the height of WWII.

Off the coasts of Africa, Italy and France, the crew fights against the constant bombardment by German forces, as the Atlantic Ocean becomes a deadly battleground.

Starring Eric Roberts (Runaway Train), William Baldwin (Backdraft), Geoff Meed (Fast Five), and Danny Trejo (The Replacement Killers) and featuring expert direction from Nick Lyon, The Rebels of PT-218 is an engrossing and action-packed account of the intense Naval missions of WWII.