Baby Fuzz and LP Team Up On New Single “Before Our Time”

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Indie-rock genius Baby FuzZ delivers nostalgia wrapped up in a glam, pop, and rock jam. “Before Our Time,” featuring global sensation LP, is a true show-stopper with a guitar solo reminiscent of QUEEN and a dramatic chorus that’ll have you belting out your own concert in your living room.

Baby FuzZ, the alter ego of Sterling Fox, is arguably one of the most interesting new acts in music. Fox was thriving as one of the more successful songwriters in the pop music world, having written with the likes of Madonna, Max Martin, Lana Del Rey, and others. Abruptly, and shortly after the Trump election, he quit collaborative writing and disappeared from the music world. After a year of isolation, Fox reemerged as Baby FuzZ, a bizarre paradigm of audiovisual glam rock and normcore.

There’s something uniquely special about an artist who doesn’t take himself too seriously but pours absolutely everything into his art. “Before Our Time” is a byproduct of that – a fiery and raucous track about friendship. With funny analogies worked into the lyrics, “Jesus Christ with a PS4,” and some sage advice “If you don’t give a fuck, then you don’t get old,” Baby FuzZ’s newest offering is a song that’ll withstand time.

Fox shares, “‘Before Our Time’ is a tune I wrote with LP about the idea of a friendship being before its time. The song is an upbeat affirmation revisiting the relationship as too forward thinking for its own good. It’s a feeling of nostalgia for being too futuristic, which is kind of a paradox.”

Welcome To The Future is sure to be Baby FuzZ’s full blown alien invasion. It’s a wild concept album amazingly relevant to a dystopian America currently in the throes of a pandemic. The bulk of the album was made in quarantine in Los Angeles, and to be sure, it’s an absolutely expansive yet claustrophobic opus of bedroom glam rock.