Exclusive: Trace of Lime Unveils Explosive New Single

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Trace of Lime is a 4-piece rock band hailing from the vibrant music scene of Macomb, Michigan. Relocating to Austin in 2017, the band regularly performs at notorious Austin venues such as Cheer Up Charlies, Hotel Vegas and Mohawk and has made a name for themselves with their high energy live performances.

When covid shut down the live performing world, the group continued to work in the recording studio. They put their focus into making a record that bleeds energy, hates haircuts, and has a deep passion for chaos. A record so dirty that its arch nemesis is soap. 

The fruits of their labor is the fourth full length studio record, Control.

Taste of LimeHeavily influenced by ‘Cartoon Cartoon Friday’s’ on Cartoon Network, the band has chosen to release this record like a television season with one new song coming out every Friday.

The series of releases will begin on Friday, July 30th with their first new song, “Haunted House”, and will continue every following Friday. Get your first listen here exclusively below!

Trace of Lime – Haunted House

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