Exhalants Take No Prisoners on “Blackened” Off Upcoming Sophomore Album

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Exhalants began recording their new album in the Spring of 2020 in their practice space, with a pandemic looming on the horizon. While the pandemic caused some hiccups with getting things finished in the studio in a timeframe they had planned on, it eventually came together with a great deal of DIY know-how and taking some of the mixing duties into their own hands.

The members all have roots with playing in multiple bands around the Austin, Texas area and have been employed by various venues in town, so they are no strangers to the community aspect and DIY nature of playing the sort of decidedly non-mainstream music they do. With a mountain of amps, precision pounding drums, eardrum-rattling feedback, and a healthy dose of experimentation Exhalants are easily one of the more exciting newer bands to gain attention within the punk/noise rock arena in recent memory. Atonement aims to push that sound further for anyone willing to listen.

Atonement will be available on LP, CD and download on September 11th, 2020 via Hex Records.