Kedr Livanskiy Releases Dreamy Electronic Single “Your Turn”

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Kedr Livanskiy’s upcoming album Liminal Soul plays like an opera. It’s expansive, timeless and finds the Russian producer/musician pushing the boundaries of electronic songwriting. Ahead of its October 1 release via 2MR, she’s revealed her dynamic new single “Your Turn” which features Kedr’s frequent collaborator and friend, Flaty.

For the video, director Masha Demianova, Kedr and stylist Olesya Skaryna teamed up to create their take on a mockumentary music video. Masha explains, “I wanted it to look like we were on a far and complicated journey to shoot something beautiful, but in the end, the ‘making of’ footage is the only thing that comes to fruition. I wanted to document the time we are living now, with Yana and Olesya, our friendship and people around us. And of course the spirit of our country.”

Liminal Soul sees its release via 2MR on October 1. Pre-order it here and keep up with Kedr Livanskiy on Instagram here.

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