Liz Graham – Releasing New ‘Damaged’ Single

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The underrated artist Liz Graham has released a new single entitled “Damaged”, featured on her new album Colorful and Piercing. Her fresh voice, strong with a soft twang, makes this upbeat hit a juxtaposition of the lyrics it presents. That does not take away from the content of the song or it’s depth though, but that is no surprise. Graham has been studying poetry since the age of 8, when she used her hard earned nickel to buy a poetry book, A Childs Garden of Verses, by Robert Louis Stevenson.

“I couldn’t believe that words could rhyme and tell a story. It literally felt as if my world went from black & white to color,” says Graham.

Graham proceeded to buy her own drum set and teach herself guitar. She formed an all girl band, and by the age of 18, just after her brother passed away, she dedicated herself to music. Now, she has sold over 100,000 records and, overseas in the United Kingdom and Japan, achieved spots on the Top 10 Women’s radio and Top 10 Music charts.

“Damaged” takes fans into the heart of her upcoming sophomore album, an adult contemporary record. It may be reminiscent of her first self-titled album, released in 1998, but with some new tricks, as she dabbled in techno with her 2013 release “Daylight” featured in the Dreamworks movie The Fifth Estate.

As for the song itself, it is very mellow but upbeat. Its lyrics, pertaining to overcoming depression, are not masked by this though. Clever word usage by Graham makes the message of the song hard to ignore. So while seemingly carefree, the innermost depths of the song are obscured but out in the open- much like actual depression. In a sense, the song is very liberating in that aspect. Depression is hardly textbook, and the same goes for “Damaged”. Off the beaten path, this song shows depression in a new light- the irony of which is hardly lost either.

In essence, “Damaged” challenges those lost within their own sense of self loathing and doubt. The music video, though inexplicably taken down from Youtube, portrays this through the drawn silhouettes of strangers walking alongside one another. Most have a doodle above their head representing the main problem in their life bringing them down. The song and video attempt to compel anyone watching and listening to break free of that silhouette. It’s a delight if you can find it!