Michael Cullen’s Release “True Believer” Is Hypnotizing

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In October 2014, Sydney’s moody and poetic singer/songwriter, Michael Cullen, released his album True Believer. This past May, he released a single/music video from the album, “Cha Cha Cha D’Amour”. The song and video are hypnotic, and with such a heavy baritone voice it is no surprise that Cullen has cited Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Ian Curtis and Tom Waits as great influences on his music. Earlier influences include ABBA, AC/DC, The Beatles, David Bowie, Elvis Costello and The Cure.

If you enjoy New Wave and 80s British pop as well as Ian Curtis, The Church, The Go Betweens, and The Triffids then you’ll love Cullen. He is a throwback to everything they were, and in generation of pop, rock, rap, and alternative, he easily stands out. His resonant and rich baritone is unmistakable. 

Around 2011, just after Cullen released his first album Love Transmitter, Cullen became ill and fell out of the music scene for a little while. In 2012, the album was remastered and recieved rave reviews, leading to his 2014 release of True Believer. Critically lauded, Cullen quickly got to work on the release of “Cha Cha”. Now, he seems poised to take on even more.


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