Musician Vince Grant Channels His Depression Into Song “Oceans II”

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Depression is a major illness in America, and many who are afflicted by it suffer in silence. Singer-songwriter Vince Grant decided to address that with his music.

With his guitar, melodic voice and deeply profound lyrics, Vince Grant is shining a light on the dark shadow of depression. He has suffered from the malady most of his life, but has attracted accolades and scores of new fans since he decided to channel the disease’s energy into an unforgettable collection of songs that comprise his debut EP entitled My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me.

His latest single, Oceans II, continues the theme of sharing honestly what it is like to be a passionate artist struggling with feelings of despair and sadness, but there is also a message of hope that weaves throughout the EP.

“I try to remind myself that tomorrow is a new day and no matter how low I may get there is still a glimmer of hope,” states Grant.

Besides grappling with his depression, Grant’s songs also explore his past struggles with alcohol and addiction. His song “Sweet Addiction” addresses his journey to fight and overcome the cycle of alcohol and drug abuse to ease his internal pain.

“Drugs, alcohol, depression, they took me out. I was heavily self medicating,” says Vince.

In addition to the critical response his EP has received, Grant has also been making new fans, many who have contacted him to say how much what he is doing and his music means to them. “I get emails, messages on Facebook, from people thanking me for my openness and honesty, how my music has helped them with their depression or that of a loved one. Some have expressed that the music helped them possibly understand how someone close to them would commit suicide. It’s an incredibly powerful, and humbling, experience to connect so deeply with somebody through music.”