New England Symphonic Metal Act, Anaria, Continue to Push Boundaries on New Album, Exile

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Hailing from New England, Anaria is a genre-defying band who experiment with symphonic metal, modern rock, cinematic scoring, and pop arrangements.

They have just released a new album entitled “Exile” featuring 15 original songs, including their latest single and video, “Leaving You Behind”.

Singer Jessica Mercy has wowed both domestic and international fans with her vocal prowess, and their recent release continues to flex those talents.

Exile embarks on a musical journey of human emotion, exploring themes of love, loss, fear, hope, and vengeance. The album also explores the gray area of man versus monster, bringing listeners through the fires of self-destruction to personal growth and change. The story is told through a host of characters at various stages of life, culminating in one epic battle of self-actualization.

Anaria has existed in some form or another since 2011, sharing the stage with numerous national acts such as Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf, John 5, and Powerman 5000. As of 2019, they have been operating as a three-piece studio project.

Stay tuned for more music and videos coming from Anaria through 2021 and beyond. The band is looking forward to the opportunity to get in front of live audiences as soon as the situation allows.