Party Favor Teams with Elohim for New Single “Losing My Mind”

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As the follow-up to his latest single “Save Me” released this past August on Ultra Music, producer & DJ Party Favor (aka Dylan Ragland) teams with fellow Los Angeles artist Elohim for his next offering “Losing My Mind” out today, September 17.

Known for her candidness about her struggles with severe anxiety disorder, panic and dissociation, singer, songwriter, and producer Elohim lends her unique vocals to the track with a frenzied expression. Sinister pressurized synths and driving beats create the foundation for the fluster of Elohim singing about losing her mind. “I feel like I’m constantly losing my mind. Questioning what’s real?! Or if anything really is,” she says.

Tinted with static crunch, menacing synths and brought to life by an otherworldly performance from Elohim, “Losing My Mind” demonstrates Party Favor’s keen attention to the concept less is more.

“It’s a perfect example of a song that on its head is very simple, right? It’s very driving and repetitive and energetic,” Party Favor explains. “But I want ‘Losing My Mind’ to feel sonically as though you are driving through the apocalypse, like Mad Max.” Creative use of filters and heavy repitching contribute to this out-there effect, as this relentless electro banger sends listeners spiraling toward the deepest recesses of their overstimulated brains. Trust, you’ll scramble for something to latch onto the whole way down.

“Lyrically, ‘Losing My Mind’ is a play on how dance music gets into our heads and creates this endless cycle,” Party Favor continues. Together, he and Elohim create a menacing dancefloor melter powered by collectively controlled chaos. It’s a mind-numbing hell ride built to leave eardrums buzzing, long after the final beat.

“Working with Party Favor is a treat because he is such a kind and complimentary, open-minded friend,” adds Elohim. “He wants me to be my most authentic self. There is nothing more you could ask for.”

With his new offerings, Party Favor evolves taking a more melodic and vocal-driven approach while still maintaining a high-level electronic production standard which will result in a new project to come.

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