TOMI Unveils ‘Sweet, Sweet Honey’ EP

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TOMI, the moniker of LA-based singer/songwriter Pam Autuori, released her poignant, impressive new EP Sweet, Sweet Honey via her own label In Between Records; stream it at all DSPs HERE.

Sweet, Sweet Honey’s five songs embrace a new musical sensibility while building on the sweeping emotional range of TOMI’s two prior EPs, recorded while she was living in New York City.

In the time since the release of 2018’s What Kind Of Love EP—her first introduction to national audiences that showcased an array of influences across rock and pop—Autuori parted ways with her record label, and soon after, her long-term relationship dissolved. But what began as an artistic exercise in processing loss evolved into a record of self-love and healing, revealing how sometimes you have to get lost in order to find yourself again.

The resultant Sweet, Sweet Honey is a masterful stripped-down recording, her first as sole producer and sole musician, that affirms her metamorphosis as a songwriter and captures this particular chapter in her life. Myriad themes thread through the deeply-felt songs as Autuori considers regret, impermanence, and the loss of self-identity. But, ultimately, it centers on forgiveness.

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