Walcot Shares Debut Single “Dreamin’ Away” from Upcoming EP

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The group Walcot was formed in Chicago several years back and band leader Asher George is now based in Charlotte, NC. 

Walcot’s debut single “Dreamin’ Away” from the upcoming Songs for the Disenfranchised EP is the return of rock with pop appeal – channeling the mass disillusionment that people have today towards our increasingly polarized and often alienating cultural climate.  

As the title suggests, it’s about dissociating from a world that doesn’t care to make sense of you. How do we ‘dream away’? We do so by escaping into our own heads and daydreaming of a place we’d rather be. “Dreamin’ Away” and the other two upcoming songs from Songs for the Disenfranchised seek to provide catharsis for those who feel isolated and alienated by modern popular culture, politics, the pandemic, or any of the million other things in today’s chaotic world by telling them: “Hey, you are not alone.”