Blake: The Visual Novel Coming to Steam This July

When graphic novel and visual novel collide.

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Enter the mysterious, neo-noir parallel universe that is Blake’s life. Walk in his shoes, step on the stones of spontaneity and jump into the perpetually rainy and tech-advanced city of New Stone.

The upcoming gritty interactive thriller Blake: The Visual Novel immerses you in taking on important choices for Blake so he can transform from your regular guy into vigilante and attempt to prevent tragic events from materialising.

Experience Blake’s journey as incriminating events begin to surround him and turn his life upside-down.

You’re going to need help along the way, but who will you trust? Face decisions that have consequences by making allies or breaking bonds with Blake’s friends and colleagues. Have unique interactions and uncover secrets by getting to know those around you, and yes, you can pet the dog, if you play your cards right.

Blake: The Visual Novel is set to release on PC and Mac on Steam, July 2021.