Blux Partners With Esport Champions Astralis to Develop VIZOR Glasses

4 Stylish Lightweight and Innovative Blue Light Glasses Designed for Gamers by Gamers

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Esport champions Astralis have always worked hard to improve both the game performance and health of their players. Now, they’re working hard with Blux, a Danish company with years of experience developing blue light glasses, to make a line of gaming glasses by gamers, for gamers – VIZOR.

With input from the top Esport competitors and thousands of casual gamers from around the world, the VIZOR collection will present a shift away from the clunky, ineffective blue light blockers of the past. The VIZOR Ultimate, Ultimate carbon, Stealth X and Blade gaming glasses have now launched on Kickstarter with super early bird pledges. The 30-day Kickstarter campaign will continue until 8th July 2021 with shipping scheduled in August 2021.

VIZOR Kickstarter link

Health problems stemming from blue light overexposure* are well-documented. Poor sleep, eye strain, and headaches are common complaints from hardcore and casual gamers alike. High-resolution computer monitors are especially harmful, emitting huge amounts of artificial blue light and producing an LED flicker that overworks the eyes. There are plenty of blue light glasses in the market currently but no other brand has designed glasses specifically for gamers. The VIZOR range was developed in Scandinavia with a minimalistic and clean approach, combining functionality with fashion, power with comfort. Esport champions Astralis, along with thousands of gamers worldwide, had input during development, and helped achieve a final design backed both by science and the average gamer.

The VIZOR range feature blue light technology with anti-glare lenses based on the latest optical research and fully tested, high quality materials. Designed for long gaming sessions, they are extremely lightweight with headphone friendly temples, adjustable nosepads, flexible hinges and durable titanium frames designed to last the test of time.


Ultimate is a pair of gaming glasses for the minimalist. The small, rounded frames are incredibly  lightweight, and the corrosion-resistant temples give Ultimate a modern feel which can be counted on even after years of heavy use. This model comes in two variants – one with a TR90 frame and stainless steel temples available in black, matt black, dark blue and transparent grey smoke and one with a carbon fiber frame and titanium temples available in matt black and carbon. 

Stealth X

Stealth X takes the celebrated pilot frame design from the classic Blux collection and reshapes it into a gaming powerhouse. Razor-thin temples, rubber tip ends, and a full stainless steel frame give Stealth X a sleek combination of power, comfort, and style. Gamers are sure to forget they are wearing them but opponents will take notice. Available in gold, black and silver.


Blade combines an iconic American frame design and Swiss-made TR90 plastic to create a pair of gaming glasses as fresh as they are forceful. The ultra wide frames reduce glare in any lighting situation, and you can fully personalize Blade’s look with separate frame and temple colors. Blade is avaitable with matt black frames and temples, black frames and matt black temples, dark blue frames with silver temples or champagne frames with silver temples.

The VIZOR Ultimate, Ultimate carbon, Stealth X and Blade gaming glasses have now launched on Kickstarter.