Fashion Brand Founded by Nipsey Hussle to Release Limited Edition Playable NFTs in Unconventional Play-to-Earn Game Blankos Block Party

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Fashion Brand Founded by Nipsey Hussle to Release Limited Edition Playable NFTs in Unconventional Play-to-Earn Game Blankos Block Party

The long-awaited The Marathon Clothing x Blankos collab drops this week in Blankos Block Party, a free Play-to-Earn party game from Mythical Games, currently in Early Access on PC and coming soon to Mac. The Marathon Collection includes two new playable Blankos characters and two accessories, designed in partnership with The Marathon Clothing, the innovative, tech-forward fashion brand conceptualized and owned by the late rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle, and carried on by his family.

The exclusive collection will be available beginning at 3 p.m. PST / 6 p.m. EST / 11 p.m. UTC on Wednesday, Nov. 24 in-game or via the Blankos website. The limited-edition Blankos and accessories, all of which are also playable NFTs that can be upgraded, customized and sold to other players for real money in the Mythical Marketplace, include:

• TMC Crenshaw Blanko: This limited-edition Blanko pays homage to the iconic yellow and blue “Crenshaw” crewneck that launched The Marathon Clothing. (available for $65, with a time-limited sale from 3 p.m. PST to 3:10 PST)
• TMC Stealth Blanko: Duck the haters and look good doing it. The TMC Stealth Blanko features a custom blacked-out Crenshaw fit with reflective accents. (available for $65, with a time-limited sale from 3:20 p.m. PST to 3:40 p.m. PST)
• TMC Flag Bucket Hat: Show your hustle in this iconic piece of headwear available exclusively from TMC, available in Red or Stealth colorways. ($20, with 1500 of each color available)

“There’s a great quote from Nipsey Hussle about being willing to do the unconventional and make your own path that really encapsulates both what The Marathon Clothing and Blankos Block Party represent in their respective fields of fashion and gaming,” said Andre Johnson, vice president of business development at Mythical Games. “TMC has always been a culture-forward brand and we felt the collab with them was a perfect fit for collectors in the Blankos community. We’re honored to be the first game to drop a playable NFT collection of The Marathon Clothing and carry on Nipsey’s legacy.

Blankos Block Party is a ground-breaking multiplayer party game featuring digital vinyl toys known as ‘Blankos’ that live on a blockchain, inherently providing players with proof or verified ownership and authenticity. The game is styled like a giant block party, where players can compete in and explore a variety of minigames, including racing, shooting, vibe collection and more. Digital items in Blankos Block Party, like The Marathon Clothing Blankos and accessories, are playable assets that have the same utility as any skin or accessory you might buy or earn in another game, but unlike most games, in Blankos players actually own what they earn or buy and can sell their items for cash when they no longer want or need them, unlocking the real-world value of their time and money spent in game. And because collectors have ownership of their in-game items in this play-to-earn experience, they can take an active role in increasing the rarity and value through customization, upgrades, competing in special events and more, giving them the opportunity to profit just by playing the game.

Blankos Block Party and the Mythical Marketplace are built on an EVM-compatible sidechain using a Proof of Authority consensus model that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the Proof of Work model. Neither the game or marketplace require any mining or cryptocurrency to operate, nor for players to participate. Mythical partners with artists, creators and brands to bring these curated playable NFTs into the game, ensuring those partners are not only credited for their designs, but that they’re able to earn ongoing commissions for their work, even in secondary sales. Previous collaborations have included collections from legendary fashion house Burberry and music artist deadmau5.

“We at The Marathon Clothing are excited to be a part of this collab,” said Samiel Asghedom. “This NFT collection is definitely something that Nipsey Hussle would have been a part of. His forward-thinking and his love for innovation kept him at the forefront of all new technology. The family is honored to continue moving the brand further down the path he paved.”

In addition to The Marathon Clothing x Blankos collab, Mythical will partner with the Neighborhood Nip Foundation to educate black and brown youth in South LA on technology including blockchain and gaming. The foundation was created by the late rapper’s family to continue his mission to impact his community and support young creatives.

Blankos Block Party is available in Early Access on PC now and coming to Mac later this month. The Mythical Marketplace, where players can buy and sell Blankos in peer-to-peer transactions for real money, is now in open beta globally for buying and selling in supported regions.

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