King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Updates New Early Access Patch

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NeocoreGames has announced that the next patch for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale‘s Early Access is now live on Steam. This is the second content update for the game since the launch of Early Access and it is by far the biggest one.

Newly added features include:

  • Fully playable Act 1 of the Story Campaign
  • New side missions and new random missions added
  • Old maps got rebalanced and expanded
  • New buildings in Camelot
  • New playable Heroes
  • New character management systems (Traits, Loyalty, and more) added and extended (Morality Chart)
  • Events added
  • New items, new enemies, and a lot more!

Besides the new content, we fixed issues and balanced gameplay, based on player feedback. You can find the detailed patch notes here.
Because of the amount of changes and additions, old save files will not work after this update, but it is strongly suggested to start a new game anyway, to experience all the new features.