‘Super Tobu Adventures!’ Launches Today on Kickstarter

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Fireskies Studios has launched a funding campaign for its new indie title, Super Tobu Adventures!.

Outstretched before you, is the lush, green land of Komorebi. Armed with your kicks, kunai, and ki, take control of Tobu, an orphaned ninja-kid, on his quest to save his Temple home and the Monks he calls family, from Akukani, the evil, cyclopian, Crab Samurai! Filled with spirits, monsters, and villains, you must explore Komorebi and locate the 7 Elemental Crystals, defeat the Ronin 7, and open the path back to Ochayama Temple, where the treacherous Akukani awaits! As you explore, you’ll also find engaging puzzles, charming NPCs, and alternate pathways on your quest to gain experience, upgrade your abilities, and go toe-to-toe with the dreaded Crab Samurai, all for the freedom of those you hold dear!

Currently in alpha, Super Tobu Adventures! has been an on again off again project for over 7 years, and needs the help and support of the gaming community to raise the funding for full-time development to bring it to the world.

Super Tobu Adventures! is an open love letter to the 16bit console era.” – Brent Hamel, creator of both Tobu & Fireskies Studios

Super Tobu Adventures! is a game about family, what they can look like, and the things we do for them.” – Brent Hamel

Super Tobu Adventures!’s design is a fluid mix of platformer, beatem’up, and shooter, blended into the smoothest dough, finally ready to rise.” – Brent Hamel

Super Tobu Adventures! on Kickstarter now: http://kck.st/3lHrWHY