Watch ‘Brawlhalla X Street Fighter’ Crossover Update Launch Trailer

Choose your character as new challengers Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma from Capcom’s Street Fighter ready for battle in Brawlhalla!

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The newest Epic Crossovers feature custom Signature effects with VO lines for the first time ever, two new Weapon Skins each, unique lock-in animations, and dedicated Roster spots. The event also brings a new game mode featured as the Brawl of the Week – Street Brawl, a new 1v1 competitive Map, Satsui no Hado Emote, Kapukon Yu Podium, Knockout KO Effect, and new Avatars.

Follow the Satsui no Hado symbol in Mallhalla to discover all the Street Fighter Crossover items! Munin’s price has also been reduced to 5400 Gold.

This update also includes a new feature: Rematch! Players now can rematch opponents in Ranked 1v1 and Ranked 2v2 games. The drop shadows Test Feature also graduated into all queues.

Additionally, we made a few game improvements, bug fixes, and updated the free-to-play Legend rotation. Claim the Halloween Bundle now with Amazon Prime Gaming!