Greentea Peng releases her mixtape GREENZONE 108. The 10-track project features the previously released songs “Look To Him,” “Your Mind” and the MJ Cole & Swindle produced “Stuck In The Middle.” This verdant collection of tracks includes heavyweight production and collaboration credits from the likes of Nat Powers (Janet Jackson, Ms Dynamite), Grammy award nominated Jon Mills, the aforementioned MJ Cole and Swindle, and St Francis Hotel, a frequent collaborator of Danger Mouse, Inflo and Micheal Kiwanuka.

The GREENZONE 108 project namesake was derived from Aria’s ticket to the latest Gypsy King fight, seated in the ‘Green’ area she expresses that she felt “fully in the zone” during this period of exponential creativity. She would eventually decide upon the number ‘108’ for its properties as a “holy number representing spiritual completion”. Greenzone 108 is a harmonious combination of spirituality and music that Greentea Peng is widely celebrated and cherished for, a welcomed addition to her ever-growing discography.

“GREENZONE 108 is a free flowing, open field of expression. A collection of works accumulated over a transitional period of my life. An elevation of sorts from MAN MADE, in the sense that so much has changed and formed in the 2 years since that conception. GREENZONE 108 is freer, less formed and more of an open dialogue/ space exploring all different types of topics from spirituality, and originality to mental health and politricks hence why this is a mixtape and not an album” – Greentea Peng

GREENZONE 108 is a flourishing verdure of live instrumentation and soothing sonic palettes, it’s a welcomed evolutionary step following the release of Aria’s critically lauded debut album opus MAN MADE last summer. The genre-melding, psychedelic 19-track journey was recorded in 432 Hz frequency to vibrate healing energy and the record appeared in end of year listings across the board from The Guardian to DJ Mag, MOJO and Dummy, drawing 2021 to a rapturous close.