CREEM Magazine is back (again).

The legendary unfiltered & wickedly funny magazine announced details & previews about its 1st print issue in 33 years, illustrating a breadth of coverage — from bringing back classic columns like Stars Cars with Slash & The Who to newer faces like Viagra Boys & Special Interest, with more to come.

The audacious revival of a print rock ‘n’ roll magazine in 2022 returns as an oversized subscription-only premium quarterly on September 15.

To honor the year they started in 1969, CREEM also released a new Boy Howdy! cartoon with 69 easter eggs, from The Stones & late Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins to Snoop Dogg & of course the Ozzy Osbourne bat.

It was created by animation house Lobo and produced with creative agency, founded by Emmy & Cannes Grand Prix winners Marcel Yunes & Rick Williams, who also worked with Ad Age A-List Agency of the Year Mischief & Netflix.

Subscriptions will come with access to CREEM’s online archive of every issue from its original 1969-1989 (224 issues & 69,000 photos, articles and reviews), which reflected & shaped the culture, cultivating some of the most legendary writing talent of the era – Lester Bangs, Cameron Crowe, Patti Smith, Robert Christgau & Jaan Uhelszki, who now returns as editor-at-large alongside son of original publisher, JJ Kramer.

View all details here.