Disruptive New App Emerges for Photography-Obsessed Foodies

PhoneEatsFirst Discovers Hottest Dining & Nightlife through Photos, Reviews, & Friends while Giving Back to Small Businesses

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PhoneEatsFirst has announced the launch of their new app for Apple and Android in Chicago. PhoneEatsFirst is a photo-driven social sharing platform for dining and nightlife reviews that allows foodies to discover new experiences by following and sharing with friends.

PhoneEatsFirst combines the best features of social media with a review process focused on food, service, atmosphere, and value into one platform exclusive to the restaurant industry, allowing users to leave comprehensive reviews with a click of a button.

“PhoneEatsFirst was created as means to bridge social media and one’s dining experience as a whole,” states Co-founder and CEO of PhoneEatsFirst, John Tsintis. “As a restaurant, a difference of one star in a review can lead to a change in revenue of between 5-9% based on studies done by Yelp. With so many larger restaurants getting a bigger piece of the pie on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Instagram because of larger marketing spends, I wanted to create a place where everyone is on a level playing field, and they all are able to interact with their consumers in real-time. Additionally, PhoneEatsFirst simplifies the standard review process by allowing users to discover bars, restaurants, and cafes through drool-worthy photos and a seamless interface.”

PhoneEatsFirst is creating a new category while supporting local businesses by:

  • Providing a photo-driven platform exclusively for restaurants and bars 
  • Enabling real-time updates for hours and menu changes 
  • Focusing reviews on food, service, atmosphere, and value 
  • Donating 5% of profits to The Barstool Fund

Find more info on PhoneEatsFirst website