MISS GRIT – aka New York-based, Korean-American musician Margaret Sohn – returns today with new single “Like You” and announces their signing to Mute. They have also shared details for a series of European dates in autumn including a show at Amazing Grace in London on November 1. Full details below.

Margaret Sohn (they/she) created Miss Grit to function as an outlet for their own analysis and expression of self. On “Like You,” they wrestle with listening to one’s inner voices. Which voices are leading to self-sabotage and which are leading towards liberation? What part of ourselves has been forced upon us by the outside world, and what was there to begin with? The magnitude of these questions and musings are reflected in Sohn’s meticulous, slowly building electric guitars and bold basslines (performed by Zoltan Sindhu), as her voice resonates over: “Bore new, everything is see-through. Confused, they might see they’re like you.”

Talking about “Like You,” Sohn explains, “I had the character of Ex Machina in mind as the voice I was singing from. Her arc in the movie felt really beautiful to me, and I wanted to reach the same ending as her in this song.”

On signing to Mute, Sohn says, “Mute is one of the labels I put on a pedestal in my mind. So the fact I was even on their radar was really flattering. And then to think they believed in my music enough to want to work together made me so happy.”

Miss Grit has released two acclaimed EPs over the past three years: Talk, Talk about the complexities of relationships and Impostor about their grappling with identity. As a mixed-race, non-binary artist, they have always rejected the limits of identity that are thrust upon them by the outside world in favor of embracing a more fluid and complex understanding of the self.

Produced and recorded by Sohn, “Like You” presents Miss Grit as an artist intent on creating a way of being that is fully and completely their own.

Miss Grit European Tour 2022
October 26 – Paris, France – Supersonic Records
October 27 – Antwerp, Belgium – Trix Club
October 29 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – London Calling
November 1 – London, England – Amazing Grace