The dark Asheville-based post-punk/deathrock outfit just announced their sophomore album Autonomy (self-release, out 10/28) along with releasing its explosive lead single, “Luxury Bitch”

While alluding to similar themes on their masterful, year-end-list topping 2019 debut Dark Synthetics, lead singer Lena Machina bravely opens up about her experiences managing mental health on Autonomy in a way that she never has before, creating a riveting narrative throughout — the lyrics of “Luxury Bitch” directly confront personal experiences of insecurity and lack of self worth, before acceding to the fact that she is worthy of love. 

Recorded at Asheville’s new studio Drop of Sun (Wednesday, MJ Lenderman, Animal Collective) with engineer/producer Alex Farrar, Secret Shame reaches a new level of maturity on Autonomy, both musically and lyrically.

Refusing to limit their sound to a single genre in lieu of pulling from a wide range of influences including post-punk, deathrock, shoegaze and dream-pop, on Autonomy, infectious guitar melodies and interlocking basslines lead a narrative shaped by dynamic drums.

There is a sonic tension between rage and melancholy — the beautiful and the bleak — that finds resolution in the way the music reflects the mood of the lyrics. Lena’s previously-obscure lyrics now directly confront the realities of addiction, body dysmorphia, abuse, and mental illness.