Electro-pop-punk phenom Sizzy Rocket is back with the second single from her forthcoming album, Live Laugh Love. “Bubblegum” is an ode to living your life and presents a frustration with being unable to feel anything in the internet age. Filmed in New York City, the official music video sees Rocket battling two forms of herself in a deserted Q Train.

“I really just want to feel something. I’m so sick of the numbness, this Tik Tok era, being on my phone all the time and feeling detached from the world,” says Rocket. “No one’s really paying attention anymore but when you look up for one second you realize there’s so much life going on all around us all the time…and we’re missing it. We’re all on our f*cking phones and we’re missing the details that make life beautiful.”

“When I wrote this song it was summer 2020 and we had set up a makeshift studio in an air bnb in Yucca valley,” Rocket continues. “There was so much chaos going on in Los Angeles I just needed to get away from it. And I was drinking a lot of rosé because I was going through a break up and I was really hungover and I was just sick of it all. I actually smacked myself across the face so hard it left a bruise. I didn’t mean to but it just happened… it was like I needed to get myself to wake up and stop wallowing and stop wasting my love and my time and get out there into the world and really live my life and not in some fcking tik tok way. I was just so fcking fed up and it all just came out at once.”

The “Bubblegum” music video was made with long-time collaborator Worst November. The two filmed on the Q train in New York this past September, capturing an empowered Rocket letting loose in a deserted train car, sporting grungy glamor looks and blissfully rocking out to her newest guitar heavy anthem.

Rocket has long been known for her DIY approach to creating her visual universe as an independent artist who relies on the strength of her originality, creativity, and authenticity to build the Sizzy Rocket world without a major label budget. Owning her sexuality as an important part of her identity, she released a Playboy-certified sex-tape music video for her 2020 single “Smells Like Sex” (a reclamation of a woman’s power in leaking her own scandalous video), which went viral on YouTube, inspiring artists like FLETCHER (via Capitol Records) to follow suit with their own versions of the voyeuristic concept.

She adds, “Directing and editing my own music videos has been such an important part of bringing this album to life. Somehow I became obsessed with cameras and analog camcorders – seeing the world in a new way through them. For this era specifically, I don’t think you can separate the music from the visuals – my artistry has grown so much so that now they’ve become intertwined. I’m excited to see where my camera obsession and these new mediums take me.”