SERUM is a survival game in which a mysterious liquid determines your life. Courage, time pressure and your will to survive will define your future. Will you manage to win the race against time, find the serum and unravel the mysteries and secrets of this eerie world? Your life is in your hands!

The release of SERUM is scheduled for the end of 2023.

This is the only way you will survive:

  • Unravel the mystery of the eerie liquid, earn new abilities and find a way out
  • Fight against various creatures with a multitude of weapons: There are melee, ranged, throwing and serum-enhanced weapons available
  • Solve puzzles and activate secret mechanisms in doors, crates or hatches.
  • Build a safe house and expand your safety zone as you progress.
  • Explore the fascinating world and discover new mystical biomes as well as their unique characteristics
  • Learn about the history of the mysterious location you are in and find out how to use the tools and devices (e.g. collect, loot, scan etc.)
  • Acquire new abilities and craft weapons, tools and even special types of Serum
  • Survive in a hostile environment under time pressure. Manage your health, stamina, and beware of the mutations