As he readies his third album for release, Irish artist Talos today releases a new single – the heady, hopeful “KITES”.

Talos on “KITES”: “‘KITES’ is a flare of optimism, one that burrows its way into the future, looking outward. The idea of space – space to move on, to find something different – is embodied in the structure of the song: towards the end it morphs and melts into a flowering orchestral space, meant to paint the picture of something exploding into life or metamorphosing into change. I was lucky enough to be able to carve this idea out while recording in Eaux Claire with Brian Joseph and Sean Carey, who helped bring my ideas to life.”

The video for ‘KITES’ was directed by Ellius Grace. Ellius on ‘KITES’: “The song is about growth, acceptance and optimism. For the video, I wanted to tell a story about conflict in a relationship. I wanted to explore how conflict can help people learn and grow together if done with compassion and understanding. This was a story I wanted to tell more loosely, through dance and movement rather than straight up narrative. I think these themes are so personal that the best way to approach them was through a more abstract language.

The two main characters are scarred from past relationships (his milky eye, the healed scar on her face), they are flawed but meet as equals, open to each other. A conflict arises and they fall out of sync with one another, now needing to communicate and work to try and find their rhythm. I wanted the story to be told through movement, and the character to be told through the visuals. Who they are is almost not important, but there are clues in the video as to their character and their circumstance.”

“KITES” follows a trilogy of well-received singles over the past few months – “dance against the calm”, “All Ours” and “Farewell/Kamikaze”. It’s the last single before the release of his much-anticipated third album, Dear Chaos.

The 11-track album will be released on October 7 via BMG, on digital, limited vinyl, and CD.