Time for the grand finale! Indie-pop band OFK & crew are stoked to release today the final episode of their making-of-the-band interactive series, We Are OFK, as well as the final track from the band’s debut EP, and the game’s original score album from composer Omniboi.

Episode 5 of We Are OFK will be delivered to current owners of the game as a free automatic update, and the complete series is now available for purchase on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, the Epic Games Store, and Steam for 19.99 USD.

A bundle including the game, OFK’s EP, and Omnioboi’s complete score can be purchased on Steam and the Epic Games Store for $24.99 USD.

To date OFK’s songs from their first EP have passed 750,000 streams, that’s before the final song from their EP has even been released, an exciting reception for a debut release from an independent band.

“This moment is huge for the band, because it finally means we can start cooking more music,” says Jey Zhang, OFK band producer. “That’s what’s next after the videogame dust settles – playing shows in LA, collaborating with other artists, and if we’re lucky, a tour. We Are OFK is just the intro.”

Fans of OFK can also still get their hands on the physical editions of We Are OFK for Switch and PS5,  as well an exclusive We Are OFK 2xLP vinyl made in collaboration with creative production emporium, iam8bit. The vinyl can be purchased/pre-ordered via iam8bit’s website.