Khujo Goodie, part of the legendary Goodie Mob from Atlanta, is as much a part of the hip hop community as he is his hometown of Atlanta. He has toured the world and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music. Now he plans to share his spotlight and his platform with a hand selected group of independent artists on his latest release, Pavementality.

Listen to the Full Mixtape, including “Atlanta” and “Pavementality” now.

“Atlanta” by Trauma featuring Khujo Goodie:

“Pavementality”by Alabama Juuudah Boys

“I put out a post on Instagram saying ‘Tag the hottest artist in your city’ and my DM went crazy,” shares Khujo. “Artists from all over answered the call, even from Poznań, Poland (2xmint)! Pavementality is where I can share my platform with independent artists that are serious about contributing to the longevity of HipHop. It’s like we coming up together!”

The new collaboration comes hot on the heels of two single releases by Khujo, “Digital Poison Rocks” and “Hold On” featuring Damion Jones. He also has a song on Pavementality called “Doughnuts”, which he is excited to share with his fans.

Pavementality is available on all Mixtape outlets on April 7th! Stay tuned for more new music, video content and tour announcements from Khujo soon.

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